Oriental Rug Cleaning process

Below shows the Oriental rug cleaning process:

  • In preparation for cleaning a colour test may be required on different parts of the rug because some dyes may run during cleaning. If there is the slightest chance (2%) I would contact you so that you can decide what to do.
  • Test for removal of specific stains such as red wine.
  • Often rugs have damaged sides or edges as these are the first to go over time.¬† These would be secured before cleaning to prevent further unravelling.
  • Remove dust using a mechanical beater.
  • When applicable apply with a pre-clean stain remover or a deodorize ¬†treatment
  • Using an environmentally friendly cleaning solution wash by full immersion so that the pile, foundation and the fringe are all cleaned.
  • Thoroughly rinse with clean water.
  • Remove excess water using a water extraction process.
  • Let the piece dry in the drying room.
  • Brush the piece, removing any pile fibres.


For standard quick turnaround cleaning payment is due on completion. Sometimes for larger jobs payment is required in installments.

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