Clothes Moth Trap (Tineola bisselliella)

Trap with two pads £4.40
Clothes Moth trap

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Trap with 2 sticky pads: £4.60

Replacement sticky pad: £1.40

There is a minimum payment of £5 (excluding postage).

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It’s a common misconception that clothes moth damage is due to the activity of the adult clothes moth. In fact, it is the larvae of the clothes moth which feed on natural fibres such as wool and fur, and if not spotted early these larvae can do serious and expensive damage. An infestation is shown by centimetre long fine white threads which are the larvae cases. Clothes moths are most active in warmer weather so in the UK typically from late March to October.

The adult moth is about 1/2″ long and silvery brown. The female seeks out dark, undisturbed, low-lying areas and is especially drawn to natural fibres with moisture such as wool stained by food, perspiration or urine. There she will lay her eggs for the larvae to hatch and feed.

How to get rid of Clothes Moths

The trap shown in the image has a sticky pad that emits a pheromone that attracts the male moth and once caught it cannot mate with the female and therefore her eggs won’t be fertilised. Use a trap in every room where you have wool items such as clothes, rugs and carpets. One trap is sufficient for an area of up to ten square metres. Do place it near the floor as these moths tend to be poor flyers. Each trap has two sticky pads and will last 12-16 weeks (6-8 weeks per sticky pad).

Prices (UK)

Trap with two sticky pads: £4.60

Replacement sticky pad £1.40

There is a minimum payment of £5 (excluding postage).

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Within 12 months of invoice date I will issue you with a full refund including your delivery costs of returning the moth traps if you are not fully satisfied.

Thank you too for the amazing traps. My house looks like a mothuary (mortuary for............) and I am delighted. I have passed three people on to you for the same problem and am spreading the word. I think people are loathe to admit they have a moth problem until someone comes up with a solution so look forward to more contacts!

- Caroline U, London

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