Closing Down Sale 2017

Having been running my business in Oriental rugs and carpets for 17 years I will close it down in November and move on to a new venture. I would like to thank you for all your great support and custom over the years. During this time I have seen and sold some gorgeous rugs, had […]

Natural dyes

I consider colours created from natural dyes to be more harmonious than synthetic dyes because of their subtle variation. Some buyers prize natural dyed colours. Natural dyes, as opposed to synthetic dyes, refer to dyes created mainly from plant material but some from scale insects.Here are some of the sources of natural dyes used for […]

Transport /store an Oriental rug

Take care as not all rugs and carpets should be folded for transport as instructed below. Some old rugs/carpets may have got damp in the past resulting in the foundation becoming brittle and could break when folded. Others may have a stiff construction such that it best to¬† fold it with the pile on the […]

A spill on an Oriental rug

In the case of a spill on your Oriental rug use an absorbent material such as teatowel to mop up the liquid. Do not add water as this can spread the stain and could if you are unlucky lead to some dye run. If the stain remains give me a call to ask for a […]

Oriental Rugs under furniture

In theory no damage will occur on wool rugs under most furniture as long as the furniture is moved every few months a couple of inches so that the pile can spring back. In large rooms interior designers will often put an Oriental carpet partially underneath a sofa or a chair so that the carpet […]

How to hang an Oriental rug

The west has been hanging rugs for centuries bringing warmth and colour to a room. In the past they were used to adorn castles, palaces and churches. Now they are used as art on the wall and are an excellent way to show off an attractive rug or preserve a rug which may worn. What […]

Oriental rugs under plant pots

Do avoid placing plant pots on your Oriental rugs. The problem is that the moisture from the pot will seep into the rug so it will slowly rot the rug. This can happen even if you have taken every care that the pot does not leak..

Vacuuming an Oriental rug

If Oriental rugs are cared for and they are good quality when obtained they should outlive you and can be handed down to future generations. Any dirt which reaches the foundations acts as an abrasive so wears away the pile. A regular vacuum with the suction at a low setting will reduce the dirt and […]

Clothes Moths are awake

I have now caught four clothes moths in the last few weeks and I know from customers ordering more that they have been spotting them too. Do get some more clothes moths to protect your wool clothes, rugs and fitted carpets. You can buy them either from your local DIY or I sell them. Further […]

How to determine a quality Oriental rug

Collectors will spend lifetimes determining which Oriental rugs or carpets should be purchased. Finally what matters is taste and there is no right or wrong view. However, there are common criteria by which Oriental rugs are judged. A good wool will feel reasonably soft to the touch, perhaps a little oily, can take heavy use […]

Oriental Rug Classification

Oriental carpets or rugs are usually classified by their country of origin. There are also artistic and technical categories which start from designs woven from memory (tribal) and progress to those with exact written or drawn instructions (court). These classifications areas follows: Tribal weavings such as the Persian Qashqai, are made for home use: for […]

Making an Oriental rug

Oriental carpets differ from other carpets in that their pile is hand-tied to the foundation of the carpet. This technique results in them being extremely hard wearing and, if well cared for, they will last two to three generations. The amount of labour involved in weaving a hand-knotted carpet is considerable. A highly-skilled weaver will […]

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