Defining Oriental rugs

The term oriental rug originally described hand-knotted pile rugs woven in Asia and the Near East. Now it describes hand-knotted pile rugs wherever made plus flat-woven rugs of Asia and the Near East. Most rugs are hand-knotted and have a pile. The exceptions are flatweaves such as kilims and soumaks which have neither a pile […]

Freezing the clothes moth

Clothes moths over the last few years have been on the increase. Using moth traps and deterrants do help but do not eradicate them. Of the killing methods such as sprays sometimes it can be difficult to assess which ones really do the trick of actually killing the moths at all stages of their lifecycle. […]

Sale Prices now available

Sale prices for Oriental rugs, kilims and accessories can now be viewed on my website. Please note that purchases of Sale goods can  be made in person on the Saturday 25th Jan and thereafter by phone, email or appointment.  Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Advance notice of Winter Sale

Sale at Premises Sat 25th Jan 10:00 – 17:00 Substantial sale reductions on a large percentage of Oriental rugs, flatweaves and kilim cushions.  Sale prices will appear online close to 25th Jan. Looking forward to seeing you. Sale Online ends Sat 8th Feb If you wish to view any items during the sale period but […]

New Kilim Cushions on-line

The new handmade natural dyed kilim cushions is now on-line. As usual every cushion is a one-off. For those of you who are London based you can always give me a call to arrange an appointment and see them in person.

New Stock of Kilim Cushions

I have obtained some new stock of kilim cushions and now need to photograph them all and put on them on the website.   They will be available on-line in the next few days.  If you would like be informed when you can view them on-line do send me an email For those of […]

Natural dyes

I consider colours created from natural dyes to be more harmonious than synthetic dyes because of their subtle variation. Some buyers prize natural dyed colours. Natural dyes, as opposed to synthetic dyes, refer to dyes created mainly from plant material but some from scale insects.Here are some of the sources of natural dyes used for […]

Transport /store an Oriental rug

Take care as not all rugs and carpets should be folded for transport as instructed below. Some old rugs/carpets may have got damp in the past resulting in the foundation becoming brittle and could break when folded. Others may have a stiff construction such that it best to  fold it with the pile on the […]

A spill on an Oriental rug

In the case of a spill on your Oriental rug use an absorbent material such as teatowel to mop up the liquid. Do not add water as this can spread the stain and could if you are unlucky lead to some dye run. If the stain remains give me a call to ask for a […]

Oriental Rugs under furniture

In theory no damage will occur on wool rugs under most furniture as long as the furniture is moved every few months a couple of inches so that the pile can spring back. In large rooms interior designers will often put an Oriental carpet partially underneath a sofa or a chair so that the carpet […]

How to hang an Oriental rug

The west has been hanging rugs for centuries bringing warmth and colour to a room. In the past they were used to adorn castles, palaces and churches. Now they are used as art on the wall and are an excellent way to show off an attractive rug or preserve a rug which may worn. What […]

Oriental rugs under plant pots

Do avoid placing plant pots on your Oriental rugs. The problem is that the moisture from the pot will seep into the rug so it will slowly rot the rug. This can happen even if you have taken every care that the pot does not leak..