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Wool or silk Oriental Rug Cleaning – Ask for a quote

However much we take care for our Oriental rugs accidents do occur. You may have had a spill on your Oriental rug or there has been water damage due to a leak. You may want a rug cleaned because you recently purchased a rug from auction or inherited it. Visit Spill on an Oriental rug for immediate steps on what to do with a spill and visit water damaged Oriental rug for what actions to take when there is rug water damage.  Cleaning is also provided for handmade rugs and textiles.  If you are not sure do  ask.

All rugs to be cleaned need to be taken away and cleaned with the appropriate equipment.  To really clean an oriental  rug the dust must be removed so the wool’s softness is restored. Vacuuming or hand beating a rug will remove some of the ingrained unseen dirt. To fully remove the dust a mechanical beater is the best option. The rug is placed pile down and using a vibrating machine  as much as a pound of dust per square foot can be removed. Skipping this step most of dirt will, even after cleaning, be left within the rug. My specialist cleaner is one of a handful in the UK who uses this machine for removing the dust from rugs.  The rug is fully immersed for washing and dried in the right conditions.  It is not dry cleaned.

Visit the process in cleaning an oriental rug for details as to  the many steps involved.

Why Clean

Dirt once it reaches the rug foundation acts as sandpaper causing the pile and foundation to degrade over time.   Cleaning is particularly important if a rug is stained as the additional moisture is attractive to the clothes moth to lay her eggs and further damage can follow.  I recommend cleaning every three to five years, especially if  you have a dog.

Stains and odour

My rug cleaning specialist has resolved a wide variety of stains ranging from the frequent wine, pet soils and coffee to latex that dripped from a customer’s ceiling and even a sun cream spill. In this case as the the clients knew exactly the make of the sun cream  its chemical content could easily be obtained and the sun cream successfully removed.

The images show a kilim stained with jam, before and after cleaning. I specialise in cleaning stained silk rugs which many Oriental rug cleaners are not prepared to do because of the high degree of expertise required. I provide an off-site stain test to assess the likelihood of a stain being removed. You then have the assurance of only needing to go ahead with the full cleaning if there is good chance of the stain coming out.

Rug odour is generally caused by pet stains and comes out through a standard wash with deoderise treatment.  Very rarely customers have purchased a rug abroad, that had a strong odour.  This was due to the manufacturers not properly rinsing out chemicals used in the dyes.   By washing it twice at no extra cost the odour was significantly reduced.

Dye run and colour correction

Dye run can happen due to flood damage.  To remove the dye run is a delicate and time consuming task needing great skill, especially so for silk rugs.  Sometimes a dye has run to the extent that the colour needs to be put back in to the rug, termed colour correction.  Tests are done to assess the best treatment to remove the dye run, the success rate, along with photographic evidence of the results are provided as part of the quote.  This is all free of charge.

Clothes Moth Infestation

Generally for rugs where there is a moth infestation the process is to give it a thorough beat and clean, washing out the moth eggs. Where the infestation is severe and it is a treasured rug, you can have it heat treated, a process used for museum rugs and carpets.

If you have had moth damage I would recommend that you thoroughly clean the affected area of your home and use some moth traps.


The price of having an Oriental rug cleaned is based on the size of the rug and whether the rug is made of wool, part-silk or silk. When the standard wash is insufficient such as for a blackberry stain on a cream carpet, and further work is needed, additional quoted costs would apply.


Collection and delivery is available for rugs and carpets to be cleaned.  The charge is based on the distance from SW17 in south west London. You are also welcome to bring pieces here by appointment.

My Chinese rug is about 20 years old and had a number of unidentifiable stains, some resembling ink spots, which had resisted my attempts to remove them. I had been on the point of buying a new one, but your cleaning process made the rug look new.

Four months later [after cleaning], the rug still looks as bright as new. Many thanks for reviving my rug.

- Rob G, London

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