Here are a selection of testimonials received from clients covering my services and products sorted into Rug Searches; Cushions; Rug Cleaning and Restoration and Clothes moth traps.

Rug Searches

Thank you so much! It was an excellent and highly professional service. I was impressed with how quickly and well you took in my personal tastes and the requirements of the room where the rug was to go, and with the thoughtful and insightful quality of your advice. When the rug arrived, it was in perfect condition, and I could see that the description on your website was accurate and informative. All of the practical aspects were dealt with meticulously and accurately, and the whole experience was a pleasure. And I just love the beautiful rug!

Heather BDG, Bristol

Charlotte’s flair for colour and design and in-depth knowledge of her trade made it a breeze for us to have a rug to fit in perfectly with our living room. The overall “buying experience” that Charlotte creates… made it a real pleasure for us to buy something beautiful and practical which we can pass on to our children.

Anna & Kevin C, Surrey

Charlotte Gaskell’s excellent service was a godsend to us! First she visited and discussed our taste; then she brought actual rugs for us to try in situ. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and our choice is still perfect!

Anne A S, London

I shall certainly recommend your service to anyone with limited time to do the leg work or educate themselves about the variety of rugs on offer. It was incredibly useful to have a short list of pictures of what was available to look at and think about. I enjoyed seeing them in London but the highlight was the chance to see the final four in our own home. We were amazed by how easy the choice became once we could see the rug in situ.

Nick and Susi, Dorset

Charlotte was a pleasure to do business with! We have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is considering buying an oriental carpet.

Howard & Julie W, Surrey


I received my cushions today and they are perfect- everything is exactly as depicted on your website.

The colour and quality are superb….so much so that I would like to order two more please!

Dianne M, Lincoln

Oh wow Charlotte they [cushions] have arrived and are simply beautiful…. It’s been lovely dealing with you and I am almost sad that my kilim journey has ended after first falling in love with it 21 years ago.

Bette R, Bradford on Avon

Rug cleaning and restoration

Thank you so much for the great work on bringing my Persian rugs back to life.

Even if there is no obvious ‘accident’ I now know rugs do need TLC and a mend over time despite their ability to absorb so much; some of mine had become stiff and heavy and no amount of ‘thumping’ them on the clothes-line could freshen up. After the Gaskell treatment the colours are lively and pride of ownership is restored.

Charlotte is very good at making it clear what costs are involved both to clean and repair and will advise on essential repairs.

Her repair specialists are highly skilled and experienced in ‘invisible mends’.

Will happily recommend her service to anyone who will listen – and who adore their rugs.

Nicholas W, Surrey

I just wanted to say thanks for a great service.

The [cleaned] rugs look superb & I can’t get over how much more pleasant they actually feel.

Leila T, London

My Chinese rug is about 20 years old and had a number of unidentifiable stains, some resembling ink spots, which had resisted my attempts to remove them. I had been on the point of buying a new one, but your cleaning process made the rug look new.

Four months later [after cleaning], the rug still looks as bright as new. Many thanks for reviving my rug.

Rob G, London

Clothes moth traps

Having had a moth infestation in our wardrobe, I found it really helpful to read your info online about how moths work. Even more helpful was actually speaking to you in person about planning to prevent another occurrence of hole-y jumpers! Informative, knowledgeable and sympathetic – just what we need when our winter wardrobe’s taken a serious hit. And your prices are attractive too.

Georgeina B, London

Within a minute of putting out the first (trap) we had our first victim; a few hours later, Dad reported 15 (!) in the spare room, another 10 in the hallway trap, and 5 a-piece in his bedroom and the living room. Very impressive! … Anyway I’m confident the traps will do the trick.

Sam S, London

Thank you too for the amazing traps. My house looks like a mothuary (mortuary for…………) and I am delighted. I have passed three people on to you for the same problem and am spreading the word. I think people are loathe to admit they have a moth problem until someone comes up with a solution so look forward to more contacts!

Caroline U, London

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