Water damaged oriental rug

What to do with a water damaged Oriental rug

When an oriental rug gets water damaged it is often smelly, Burst pipeheavy because of the water and no longer sits flat from the floor. Fortunately it can stay wet for a few days without any lasting damage. The first thing is to get it dry even though the rug may be dirty. You can get it cleaned later if needed.

If only part of the rug is wet place a thick towel over and another under the wet area to mob up the worst of the water. Add a little pressure to the affected area to squeeze out the water. Repeat as many times as needed until the rug is damp rather than wet.

If the area affected is large weather permitting put it outside ideally in the sun and on plastic sheeting to avoid the rug collecting dirt. If you have no plastic sheeting put it on a dry surface so paving stones, a patio, a wooden deck but not on grass. If you have a long handled squeegee use it to direct the water off the rug, always following the directing of the pile. Use this to get out as much of the water as possible. If indoors is the only option you might be able to borrow or hire a wet/dry vacuum to suck water from the rug. Again follow the direction of the pile.

To fully dry the now damp rug, leave it flat preferably with air circulating all around it. If there is no air beneath the rug condensation will develop between the rug and the ground or sheeting so every hour turn the rug over onto a dry surface. If drying indoors do so in a warm room using a fan and a dehumidifier.

When the rug is pliable again it is dry and hopefully odour free and back to its original shape. There may be stains from the dirty water or dye run. If necessary you can now have the rug cleaned by a specialist. Have a look at my cleaning services if this is the case.

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